April 5, 2019

Mid-Life Triangle

I happen to coach the person recently who was in his late 30s. He wanted to declutter his mind because he felt his mind is occupied with lot many stuff. He was not sure whether he was heading in the right direction in life.

After I had couple of sessions with him interesting things were revealed and I feels it’s true for many of the people in the Midlife. I would like to call it Mid-Life Triangle.

The areas in Midlife where imbalance starts happening are:

  1. Relationship
  2. Money
  3. Health

During the Midlife the person starts loosing relationship with Self and gets entangled in cobwebs of relationships. New dynamics emerges in relationship within family. What use to work till now in enhancing the relationship might not work henceforth. Expectation and Involvement in relationship changes and moves towards the north. In professional life as the career progresses individual is more responsible for maintaining the relationship not only in horizontal and upward direction but down word direction and with the more centennials and millennial in the workforce the challenges in enriching the relationship goes to the next level.

Another interesting aspect is the Money. The flow of Money increases i.e. inflow and outflow. This is the phase of life which requires due diligence in terms of Money Management. It’s not just about income and next pay check or next order from clients but how do I maintain the money I already have and will be having in near future.


Finally it’s Health part. This is the phase of life where a person becomes conscious about his health. He becomes aware that he is slowing down a bit, many of them realize internally but will not admit it.  Apart from it very few will give the thought about mental health.

Every Midlife person understands they must do something about the triangle we discuss above and many of them just don’t take any action in the midlife. Main reason is that we are so busy in our routine and feel the life is in cruise control and I don’t want to risk it by doing something different.

Apart from the fear of risking status quo another element is lack of time. “I want to change myself but I don’t have time?”.

I would like to leave here with the question “Are You Doing Something About Your Midlife Triangle?”

– Parag Gadhia